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New Drug Approved to Prevent Migraines

FDA Authorizes the First Drug to Prevent Migraines The Challenge: It’s Expensive Photo by 401(K) 2013 The FDA recently approved a new drug, Aimovig, as the first medicine specifically developed to prevent migraines. Manufacturers [...]

I’m Pregnant! What Do I Do Now?

I’m Pregnant! What Should I Do Now? Photo fm Flickr You just took a pregnancy test and it came back positive! What’s the next step? Many will go see their family doctor to [...]

What Can I Do to Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep Photo fm Flickr Those who keep late hours and have challenges waking on time in the morning are 10% more likely to die sooner than morning [...]

Meds that May Raise Your Blood Pressure

Medicines That Could Increase Your Blood Pressure Photo fm Flickr With brand-new standards released by the American Heart Association, the target blood pressure for all grownups is currently less than 130/80. The first number [...]

How to Prep Your Skin for Summer

Summer is On its Way! How to Prep Your Skin for the Season Photo fm Flickr With the end of the winter season, we begin to peel off the layers and prepare to [...]